Lincoln, Nebraska

March 3, 2010

Yo. It is 10:22 in the AM, and I am eating cereal that I bought at about 3 in the morning on the way back from Lincoln, NE last night, during an inspired raid of a Bellevue Hy-Vee. Gross, I just remembered the waves of nausea that swept over me as I fell asleep due to drinking half a bottle of kombucha before Scott noticed it had been expired since October. Anyways,….the night leading up to my lapse in consumer judgement was pretty cool, especially for a cold tuesday in the middle of the middle of the midwest.

Rolling into Lincoln had me wishing I was more of a college football fan. Memorial Stadium is amazing in its sheer size, and it nearly caused an accident as the driver in the car in front of us was apparently so inspired to slam on the brakes to take photos that he figured it must have been worth the risk of being plowed over by our loaded 15-passenger Dodge Sprinter. Yes, that’s sarcastic, but when I think about the size of that stadium in proportion to the rest of the city, I have to imagine that football season must be to Cornhusker fans what summer is to me: the joy of its return is somehow worth the pain of its absence. Ok, i should be talking about the show.

The venue was at a place called Knickerbockers. It is pretty much a dual room venue with one bar room and one music hall. We got there with plenty of time to spare, so we went out for some Thai food. I don’t know what inspired it, but most of us doctored our dishes to be the spiciest concoctions we’d ever had. I wish I had taken a pic of our faces at the end : red-lipped, runny nosed- watery eyed and sweaty hair. It was awesome.

When we got back, the warmup band was on. They’re called Ruha, and they hail from Syracuse, NY. They were fun; they had a kind of Widespread Panic vibe, and they got the crowd in a good mood.

Our set went great. We played for about an hour and a half, despite sound issues (which are par for the course in these types of venues) in the monitor mixes. But I was really happy that we had a crowd to play for on a Tuesday, and was even happier that they were singing along to songs. As always, the set was over as soon as it began, and in the end, we were all mentally planning our return to Lincoln to play again.

I need to finish this up so I can pack my bags as we set to drive out of Nebraska. I’ve been here for a few days, and I have really enjoyed all of it. Every single person I’ve met has been approachable and kind, and despite their lack of attention to expiration dates on new-age beverages, Nebraska has been great to us.



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